We Paint Decks. We Also Repair Them!

When it comes to painting decks, the thing you need to remember is that you have to get the right paint. If you get the wrong paint (I learned this lesson on the very first deck I ever cleaned and repainted) then the deck will actually look worse than it did before.

Repairing & Restaining

This deck was in bad repair already because of the rain eating their vertical banister supports. When the customer called us over, they wondered what they needed to do to get it completely repaired as well as get it restained.

JWA Painting To The Rescue

Thank goodness they called us. We have background in carpentry and were able to get the deck repaired in no time, stain the surface a new ruddy color and then we painted the stays, after I got the shot of them bare, of course!

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Jessica Leach, Atlanta

We are completely pleased with the work and those who did the work….professional and personable as well…very skillful and clean, careful and considerate. We highly recommend their service to anyone.

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Please Click On The Images Below. You will be able to read about some of the work we have done. I am a painter in Lawrenceville and this is some of my favorite work. Our crew takes before and after pictures of paint jobs they are on and we post them here.