Quality Work. Fast Painting. Beautiful Results.

You will love the way your house can look!

Your paint can get old, weathered, cracked, peeling worn out, faded, and on and on.

You don’t need to live with bad looking paint on your house! Instead you could be enjoying the feel of new-looking surroundings, the sense of rightness that comes from pulling up to a home that looks beautiful on the outside and in.

You don’t need to feel that sense of unease from having a poor-looking house that the neighbors talk about. Instead you could have the awesome house that the neighbors talk about.

All you need is a painter in Lawrenceville.

And we can paint your house for you. With professional quality, speed and beauty!

modern cabinet painting peachtree city

Do You Need Exterior Painting?

The sun really damages the exterior of your home. It causes the paint to fade, to peel and flake off, or just to crack and look a mess.

modern cabinet painting peachtree city

Do You Need Interior Painting?

After years of wear and tear by kids and pets, your walls can start looking pretty worn out. We can make your walls, trim cabinets and other painted surfaces look fantastic again

modern cabinet painting peachtree city

Are You In Need Of Commercial Painting?

We are experts at painting commercial properties, from renewing the exterior stucco, brick and wood, to painting interior walls all sorts of patterns, trust us to do a great job making you stand out!

modern cabinet painting lawrenceville ga

Do You Need Cabinet Painting?

If you have ugly cabinets that need a new look to make them presentable again, don’t tear them out and replace them, instead, we paint cabinets!

They’ll look fantastic at a fraction of the cost!

When it comes to getting a painter for your home or business, you need to choose the right company.

You Need A Painting Master.

We Can Be Your Painters. You Need


Jessica Leach, Atlanta

We are completely pleased with the work and those who did the work….professional and personable as well…very skillful and clean, careful and considerate. We highly recommend their service to anyone.

Just Who Is JWA Robles Painting?

Jorge, the owner of JWA Roble Painting has years of experience doing one thing: making people happy!

He has years of painting experience, too and will give you exceptional value and incredible quality on your painting project in Lawrenceville, Lilburn or wherever you need him!

How Soon Can We Paint Your Home Or Business?

We do our best to meet you as soon as possible. We will give you a free quote that will let you know exactly howmuch we can do and how soon it can all be done.

JWA Robles Painting Lawrenceville will take care of painting your project in a timely fashin with attention to detail and quality!

You Will Love Our Quality & Expert Craftsmanship!

How do we meet and exceed your expectations? By being the best at our craft. We’ve worked tirelessly to sharpen our skills and have painted hundreds of houses to make our expertise better every day!

Trust JWA Robles to paint your home, beautifully!

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Painter in Lawrenceville Testimonials

JWA Robles Painting really tries to make our customer’s day whenever we paint a home or business.

When y’all share how we did on social media or review sites, it tickles us pink!

Here are a few of our customers’ kind words.

We are completely pleased

We are completely pleased with the work and those who did the work….professional and personable as well…very skillful and clean, careful and considerate. We highly recommend their service to anyone.

Work Description: painting of 2 bathrooms, ceiling and other minor painting repairs

They were extremely considerate!

Jorge and his team painted every wall, every door, the entire ceiling, trim and floorboards of my 1262 sqft condo- and did an absolutely beautiful job for a very reasonable price! They were extremely considerate and took great care of my property. Jorge is personable and easy to coordinate with. When I wanted to change some of my color choices, he gave me advice, did not seem the least bit inconvenienced, and still managed to finish the job on time! Then, after carpet installers ruined the work Jorge and his team had done on my floorboards, Jorge himself came out and touched it all up for a nominal fee. I could not be more pleased with my experience with this company.

Jessica Leach

Atlanta GA


  • You will absolutely love the look of your painting project!
  • You will be impressed with the quality of our work.
  • Your painting experience will be noteworthy and pleasant!


When you need a new paint job on your home, there are a few things you need to look for in a painting company. JWA Robles Painting is pleased to be a painting leader.

  1. JWA Robles Painting is both licensed & insured
  2. We have decades of experience painting hundreds of homes & businesses.
  3. I’ve painted hundreds of cabinets, nearly a thousand in all my years as a painter.

jorge robles painter lawrenceville

Hi, I’m Jorge! I started painting decades ago and have been working at being a great painter ever since. I’ve painted over 2,000 homes over the years and have been in business on my own since 2006. We are known for our exceptional work ethic and quality of the painting we do.

Let JWA Robles Painting be your choice for your project!

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